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Berlin made out of Berlin

2018 900×4000(mm)






Although the environment of the city always influences us and interacts with us, the existence of the city itself is conceptual and can not be grasped. Meanwhile, I asked myself, how to represent this sense of incongruity that I perceive while staying in Berlin. This work and its process are contemporary

Relational art capturing such an abstract sense.

I picked up various kinds of paper from the street in Berlin, and created a berlin map form by assembling the pieces. Among Berlin trash that is scattered indefinitely, paper that is consumed in large quantities are symbols of scrap-and-build buildings and people that are constantly changing. The abstract color created by collection of pieces is the city's chaos, and the petal-like pieces which are growing in it represent the uncertain existence of the city. In other words, "The city is fragile like the assembly of flowers scattered ".

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