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原点展 展示デザイン


Genten-ten Art Direction

Voluntary exhibition carried out by 6 students in Musashino Art University. I was in charge of general planning, graphic design, and space design.


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Concept of Exhibition

By showing the trace of a purs-uit of the origins, personalities, memories of each person, the work provokes a strong sensat-ion.



The work

Firstly, each member writes a book in which he/she tries to find the origin of creation. Based on the book, we create a 3-dimensional work. By exhibiting the both, the viewers can see the origin and the destination at the same time.

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We exhibit the 6 books in the middle of the place.

The roots spread from the middle will end where the work is situated.

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​① 空間の中心に地図とパンフレット用の台を置き、展示のコンセプトと立体作品の展示場所がわかるようにした。

② 周囲の台には本の作品が置かれている。キャプションとその作者の名前とともに、作者のマインドマップを読む事ができる。

We situated a table on which the map and the leaflets are placed so that the viewers can find out the concept and the place where the work is exhibited.

Around the table, the books are placed. The author’s name and the mind-map is written on it.


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​① 展示台からの床面には、その作者の立体作品の場所まで、根っこのグラフィックが張り巡らされている。

On the floor, a line as a metaphor of root, is printed. The root ends where the author’s work is situated.


The root is attached to the walls and the ground in the university, which works as an advertisement for the exhibition.

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In the place where 3-dimensional work is displayed, the name of the work is pasted on the wall or the floor.



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​Graphic design

In order to express the concept of "pursue the origin of six exhibitors and show their marks", the whole graphic has developed a graphic like the root grows. And I used washi paper for the paper material of printed matter.