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2016 2000×2000×2000 (mm)

Polycarbonate, wire, iron pipe, projector, wiring cord, wood


Winter Vista Illumination 出展


National Showa Memorial Park Winter Vista Illumination

By reproducing the scene of the day beautifully in the evening, the work lets the viewer recognize again the value of the natural scenery.



制作費としてイルミネーション運営側から支給された金額は10 万円。この予算内で制作することを目標とした。






Allowance 100,000 yen

The amount of money paid by the illumination management side as production cost is 100,000 yen. We aimed to produce within this budget.

Iron pipe of 1800 × 1800 × 1800

Iron pipe was provided to give a sense of unity of exhibition, and it was decided to set up works within that frame.

Joint work with 2 members

The competition ended in victory for my idea, and I produced the work with 2 participants, who agreed with my idea.





Work summary

Natural images of the National Showa Memorial Park are projected from the projector installed in the box behind.

The cube is made of stacked polycarbonate boards. By projecting the image on the cross section of the polycarbonate plate, the light is diffused and the image is abstracted.

On the back of the cube, an acrylic pla-te and cloth are affixed, and images are to be projected,




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