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2014 700×700×1000 (mm)

Insulation sheet, Acrylic rod, Light bulb, Socket, Wiring cord


​アジアアワード学生賞 セミグランプリ


Tokyo Designers Week Asia Awards School Exhibitions Semi-Grand Prix

This lighting fixture was made using a half mirror as a material.When you turn on the light bulb inside, the material is transparent.


When it is off, the half mirror reflects the surrounding light.


When lit, light is reflected complicatedly inside, and beautiful light is born.

2度のプレゼンテーション審査を経て、東京デザイナーズウィーク2014アジアアワード学生賞 セミグランプリを受賞した。

After receiving two presentation reviews, I won the Semi Grand Prix.





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